Basketball is a highly popular world sport at all levels of the game with 213 National Federations af liated with FIBA.

Of ciating is important to all sports. A basketball game is impossible without referees but they are often forgotten. It is a dif cult job and their skill, importance and commitment is not always appreciated. Referees do not have access to video replays for fouls or violations, they do not have substitutions, no rehearsals, no warning of what will happen in a game, no pause button to provide a considered opinion, no rewind button when a mistake is made and nowhere to hide when players, coaches and spectators demand a perfect performance.

None of this is new and is not unique to basketball. The enjoyment of any sport is affected by the performance of the referee. But how does any sport obtain good referees? Like any skilled trade or profession it is necessary to:

– Recruit candidates
– Educate candidate by teaching skills
– Provide an opportunity to develop and practice their skills
– Provide them with incentives to improve

In summary, the recruitment, retention and the ongoing education and training of basketball referees is necessary to assist in their development. Recruitment is de ned as the successful initial placement of a referee for the rst time, either in a voluntary or paid capacity. Retention is de ned as successfully retaining the services of a referee from one season to the next. Education and training is de ned as the initial teaching of the skills of of ciating while providing the practical instruction and tutoring to re ne the craft of of ciating.